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19 Sexy Text Messages To Keep The Spark Alive

Keep the spark alive with some naughty texts.

Keeping the spark alive is one of the main goals for most couples. When the initial excitement of a new relationship dies down, it can be difficult trying to rekindle it. Before actually giving you these 19 sexy text messages, I first want to give you a few different techniques and tactics to show you how to keep that spark burning for as long as possible. One of these techniques is using sexy text messages.

Sexy text messages are very self-explanatory. In fact, you could probably think up of 3 different sexy text messages to send your man right now without much effort. While actually coming up with sexy text messages to send to your man is easy, how you use them requires a bit more thought and finesse. So before giving you the 19 different sexy text messages to send your man, I need to explain a few crucial things.

1. Some Days, Not Every day: Part of the initial spark with your partner is the freshness and unpredictability that you get to experience at the start of your relationship as you find out about each other. This is something that you absolutely must keep in mind when using sexy text messages. If you send your man a message every day, then it’s going to lose it’s power to turn him on and arouse him pretty fast. A much better strategy is to send your man sexy text messages sparingly, only about 1 or 2 per week and at completely different times. This way each message he receives will be a real surprise.

2. Nasty And Nice: Just like in my previous point about varying when you send your man a sexy text message, you also need to vary the content of your message. Some texts you send your man should be very explicit and detail how you are feeling or what you are going to do to him later, while others should be much tamer and less suggestive. By varying, when you send your messages and their content, you’re man will never know what to expect, perfect for keeping the spark alive in your relationship. Now for some sexy text message examples (notice how some are tame, while others are really wild).


  1. “Just saw something really hot that made me think of you.”
  2. “What would you like me to wear to bed tonight?”
  3. “Would you be mad if I made out with a girl?”
  4. “I don’t know why, but all I want right now is sex.”
  5. “I dreamt that I was your sex slave last night, it was hot — very hot”
  6. “What would you say if I suggested some sex in public?”
  7. “When you get home, let’s watch some porn, seriously.”
  8. “If you can guess what color my panties are, then I’ll give you a blowjob when you get home.”
  9. “I loved sleeping with you last night.”
  10. “I don’t know if this is normal, but my legs get weak when you kiss me.”
  11. “I wish you were here right now. I’m


  12. “I’m going to wear the shortest skirt I have tonight”
  13. “What’s the hottest thing I can do for you when I see you?”
  14. “If you could only have regular, anal or oral sex for the rest of your life, what would you choose?”
  15. “I really miss you. I wish we were together right now.”
  16. “I just had the dirtiest thought about you ever. Too dirty to text — wow, I’ll tell about it later.”
  17. “What would you say if I suggested we spent all day Saturday in bed?”
  18. “Can’t wait to kiss you later.”
  19. “The way you hold me is so hot.”

Notice how some of these messages are very dirty and explicit while others are quite tame? Perfect for keeping things interesting! 


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