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5 Ways to Create Sexual Tension With a Girl Over Text

Building *sexual tension* over text is a powerful way to maintain the attraction level you’ve built with a woman.

In fact, there are very specific texts you can send to inject sexual tension into a text conversation and rapidly increase the attraction.

Would you like to learn texting techniques that add a spark to text conversations that have gone cold?

If so, keep reading, because this article covers 5 ways to create sexual tension with a girl over text. These are texting techniques that, when you use them, you will notice the woman give you responses that are more “full of energy”.

But now, you might be asking…

What is Sexual Tension?

Simple. Sexual tension is the CONTRAST between a state of ATTRACTION, and lack of ESCALATION.

For example: When you and a girl are looking into each other’s eyes feeling the attraction, yet without doing anything about it… you are creating tension.

You might be hinting at escalating, but not in an OVERT way. The result is that you TEASE the woman and she gets so excited that she nervously giggles and maybe even jumps you and kisses you.


Now keep in mind that there has to be some attraction between the two of you. If she doesn’t feel any attraction, pulling back to create tension simply does nothing.

But if she feels even a little bit of attraction though, you can use sexual tension to AMPLIFY it.

However, most guys can’t handle the tension. They can’t sit with it. They can’t handle lingering on the topic of sex without pouncing like a puppy on a bone.

So they go too fast and kill the tension…

But if you have the ability to create and maintain sexual tension… women will literally get ADDICTED to you.

They won’t be able to resist it.


How do you maintain it? With OBSTACLES… ANTICIPATION… HUMOR… and specific ingredients that frustrate or delay the escalation… and as a result… rapidly INCREASES the attraction that exists.

Now let’s focus on the word “OBSTACLE” — because it gives us a clue to how to come up with texting techniques that increase sexual tension.

In essence…

Creating Obstacles to Escalation is the Basic “Trick” We Use to Build Sexual Tension

All you have to do is come up with language or texting techniques that present obstacles to the escalation, and you will IGNITE sexual tension.

Would you like some examples of how to create these obstacles? You got it.

Here are 5 ways to create sexual tension with a girl over text.

5 Ways to Inject Sexual Tension Into Your Text Conversations

Here’s the first one…

1. Tease Her

When most people think of “teasing”, they think of “making fun of” the woman.

Not here.

Instead, think of teasing a girl as giving her a LITTLE BIT of what she wants… but then taking it away so that she wants MORE of it.

With texting, there are many ways to do this.

If she’s used to getting compliments from you, start giving her a compliment… but then add a twist by making it a compliment about yourself.

i.e. “I couldn’t help noticing you… staring at me”

If you’re texting naughty, don’t go too over right away, and instead, do what is called “teasing the escalation.”

Take my “Pancake Tease” Technique as an Example:

In the example above, I didn’t overtly talk about eating her out, I teased her by describing the same “eating out” behavior on a pancake. Of course, we both knew what was REALLY going on, but the fact that we can use the excuse of “oh we’re just talking about pancakes” creates massive tension.

If I went over and talked about eating her out (without teasing her first), she probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as me lingering just a few inches from… the topic. It is this kind of teasing that drives women WILD.

The next method to create sexual tension over text is very similar to this one, so pay close attention.

2. Use Innuendos

Innuendos are words or phrases that can have double meanings.

The key with innuendos is that you use the concept of “Plausible Deniability”

This means that what you say is ambiguous enough that you can playfully “deny” that you’re coming on to her.

If she accuses you of being a perv,  simply turn it around and playfully accuse HER of having dirty thoughts.

How Plausible Deniability Creates Sexual Tension

You create plausible deniability by using ambiguous language that allows you to playfully deny the meaning or intent of what you’re saying.

Having plausible deniability creates opportunities for sexual tension because this ambiguous language can be used to create obstacles to escalation.

You see, when the words and phrases you text a girl get her aroused… yet you playfully deny that you mean it “in that way” …you create massive sexual tension.

This is exactly what was going on in the “pancake” example.

I used indirect, ambiguous language to…

A) Not go all the way and tease her (created an obstacle to escalation)

B) Bust through her anti-slut defense and gave her permission to get horny with the excuse of “he’s just talking about pancakes”

Some examples of innuendos you can use are

– that’s very big of you (big as in important)

– the test was so hard (very difficult)

– let’s go down (to a place)

– come down here (to this place)

– new direction (sounds like nude erection)

– getting wet (because it’s raining)

– I’m giving you a hard time (teasing you)

– eating out (going out to eat, not eating her out)

— ride it (ride the car)

As you can see, these phrases can be taken in more than one way (and so can this sentence ;))

Simply toss an innuendo as “bait” and see if the girl grabs on to it.

If she goes along with it… IT’S ON.

If you’re wondering what to text a girl before a date,  you’ll want to read through the next technique.

3. Build Anticipation Before the Date

Building anticipation before meeting up with a girl can work wonders when the date finally happens.

Let’s say you’re going to meet a girl for coffee in the afternoon. You can text her in the morning something like,

“Hmmm, I can’t wait until you buy me coffee today… the aroma in that cafe is so delicious and the creamy mochas are the best.”

Not only does this build anticipation, but it also stimulates her senses with descriptive words like aroma… creamy.. delicious… and it begins to get her excited.

This pre-arousal gets her intrigued and gets her wondering and anticipating the date she will have with you later that day.

Plus, you’re giving her a unique and fun personality that’s bound to make you stand out from all the other guys she’s meeting.

4. Push/Pull

The concept of push/pull is simple. A pull suggests to the woman that you like her while a push pushes her away

and suggests that you don’t like her.

When you alternate the two in a playful way, it results in flirting that creates massive sexual tension.

Remember how we talked about creating obstacles to escalation? That’s what the “push” does.

See, most guys “pull” the girl all the time giving her compliments and showing her how much they like her.

But if you can inject a few pushes here and there… you create tension.

And don’t forget: This will REALLY set you apart from every other boring and a predictable guy who is chasing her 24/7 trying to get with her.

And now finally, here’s the 5th way to create sexual tension with a girl over text

5. Blame the Escalation On Her

One of my favorite frames. Try this one out.

When you blame the escalation as something that SHE is doing… it makes it A LOT easier to ram through her objections because “it’s her fault” that she’s making you feel that way/ escalate on her.


Here are some things you can say.

– How did you know I have a weakness for brunettes from Southern Cali

You’re doing this on purpose… I’m on to your tricks little one

– Do you seduce every guy like this?

– Why are you doing this to me? You’re the worst. I hate you.

– Are you trying to hypnotize me with your eyes right now?

– Why are you making me think these thoughts about you?

– You know, it’s really not cool to be so cute and charming. Not fair.

You get the picture.

The lines above should give you an idea of how to blame her for the escalation.

They are also an example of a “pull.”

You can MULTIPLY the effect of this pull-escalation by also doing a “push” called the “Take Away.”

The “take away” is a form of teasing, which as you remember, means you don’t give her everything, and you “take it away”, AMPLIFYING the effect!

Alright, those are 5 ways to create sexual tension with a girl over text.  (I probably gave you way more than 5… so you’re welcome  )

What did ya think?

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