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How to Text Girls to Get Dates Over And Over Again – 7 Texting Weapons That Attract Girls

If you struggle texting girls… and are stuck trying to come up with what to text that one girl you’re thinking of, then this guide is for you.

You see, I’ve compiled 7 texting weapons that will give you an unfair advantage over all the other guys she’s texting.

Here’s why:

This guide shows you how to text girls to get dates over and over again. Once you use the 7 weapons in this arsenal, you will start getting better reactions from women. Your texts will ignite feelings of intense chemistry and attraction that get her thinking about you… craving you… and desperately waiting for your next message.

Even women who have been sending you “icy” one-word responses will suddenly be eager to spend time with you.

In particular, you can use these text weapons to:

  • Text your way out of the friend zone…
  • Jumpstart things with a girl who’s slipping away (without seeming too desperate or needy)…
  • Get a girl you met chasing after you, fighting for your attention, and working to win you over…

OK, let’s get started with the first weapon.

Texting Weapon #1: Avoid The 5 Toxic Texting Mistakes

The first thing you must do, before learning how to text girls in a way that creates attraction, is to stop sending texts that KILL the attraction.

That’s why you need to be aware of the very common 5 texting mistakes covered in the video below…

Which ones are you doing?

These are the kind of mistakes that take a girl from seeing you as a guy she might get romantic or physical with… to see you as just a friend.

Ever had a girl seem to lose interest, fizzle out, or go cold after a few texts? If you have, it’s because you probably made one of these 5 texting mistakes.

So let’s stop making them, OK?

Good, now let’s go some ways to get her interest back and focus her thoughts on YOU.

The most effective way to text your way out of the friend zone is to spark her emotions, which takes us to text weapon #2…

Texting Weapon #2: Trigger Her Emotions Over Text And Focus Her Attention On YOU

Here’s the KEY to how to text girls: Emotions = Attention

Getting a girl attracted enough to go out with you is proportional to the degree that you trigger EMOTIONS in her.

Failing to spark a girl’s emotions is why you might have stumbled in the past… and not knowing this is why most of the guys in an attractive girl’s contacts list don’t have what it takes (in her mind).

It’s because they just don’t evoke her emotions enough. They simply don’t know that giving her strong feelings over text is critical to getting a girl feeling that strong desire to see you in person.

In particular, lots of the emotions you make her feel should be of the “fun” variety… so now we head over to texting weapon #3…


Texting Weapon #3: Make Your Text Conversations Pop With “FUN”

One of the ways you emotionally turn a girl on to meeting you is by injecting fun into a text conversation to trigger her emotions.

This is KEY.

Because as we’ve covered before if you fail to trigger her emotions, you fail in persuading her to meet up with you… among other things.

So here are 3 ways to flirt with a girl over text to push the “FUN” button.

Texting Weapon #4: Master the “Cocky” Compliment”

OK, ready for some “tactics”?

Here’s the deal… while it’s almost always better to SHOW than to tell a girl you like her, sometimes you have to express interest over text to avoid getting text-buddy friend zoned by the girl.

The problem with complimenting women is that guys often make themselves look “weak” by putting the girl on a pedestal. You see, they give off compliments in a way that gives their power away, and the girl instantly loses attraction.

However, there’s a trick around it.  Here’s the “cocky” compliment technique I use to give off a compliment without giving your power away… and while creating massive attraction.

Want more word-for-word texting examples? Then you’re going to like texting weapon #5…

Texting Weapon #5: Handle Logistics and Get Her Out (4 Texts That Ask Her Out Like a Pro)

Ever get stuck texting a girl unable to come up with a texting strategy to get her out? Wondering how to tell her to meet up with you in a confident, playful way that doesn’t make you look “weak”?

If this is you, don’t worry, Frankie’s got your back.

Here are 4 ways to ask a girl out over text

Remember, if you keep playing textual-grabass and getting into long text conversations with her, she will lose interest and start seeing you as a “text-buddy.”

So pick your favorite of these 4 smooth ways to ask her out text examples and get yourself a date today!

Texting Weapon #6: Deal With No-Responses Like a Confident Man (3 Hook Texts That Get Her to Text Back)

Ever had a girl ignored your texts? What am I saying… of course you have! We have all experienced a girl not texting back.

And sometimes… no matter how good you are… it will still happen. Because there are simply some elements that you don’t have control of.

What you DO have control of, however, is how you react to it… and whether or not you show the girl that you’re not fazed by her no-response.

You can either

A) Freak out and show her you are one of the typical weak, insecure guys she normally runs into every day or

B) Show her you’re different by pretending nothing ever happened and continue forward!

In particular, you can even send her specialized “hook” texts that make her extremely curious to text you back.

Texting Weapon #7: The Key Lock Sequence (3 Texts to Turn Her On and Get Her Out)

Imagine you had a chance to peek inside the phone of the type of guy who is massively successful with texting women.

What would you see?

You would see a large number of text conversations he’s had and is currently having with multiple women…

As you started to analyze more and more of them, would begin to see a PATTERN…

You would also notice the TEXTING STYLE he uses to create FUN in his text conversations… and the types of texts he sends to attract women and get them out on dates over and over again.

Then as you fiercely took notes, you’d realize you can create a FORMULA one could use to text girls.

Enter Rob Judge…

You see, Rob Judge has figured out the formula to getting a girl emotional and excited to spend time with you by using a few simple text messages.

From his large database of personal case studies of successful text conversation after text conversation, he has developed a system called the “Key Lock Sequence” that uses 3 types of texts to turn a girl on and get her out on a date with you.


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