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Naughty Text Messages to Send to a Guy every woman is doing it today. Sending dirty text messages to a guy she likes. So rampant is the practice that it has come to be known as “sexting”. Gone are the days when you had to be afraid of talking dirty to guy for fear of getting negative reactions from him. The advent of mobile telephony has made sending dirty messages very easy.

But is it really healthy to engage in dirty talk through texts? The answer is a definite YES, since this is an art of letting out your inner sexual emotions without having to worry about getting misjudged. The good thing with dirty texting is that you can actually tell whether the guy is interested in the responses he is giving. It, therefore, makes it easy to know whether you are doing a good job with the dirty texts and when to quit.

If you don’t know what to say, here are dirty text messages to send to a guy…

· In the morning, when I think about your hard manhood slipping into me, I can’t help but get really horny and wet.

· I wish I could get your tongue and chain it around my hips so that I would get those little tickles you give to me on when I want to.

· If you were here I would set my legs apart and let you get between my legs.

· You don’t know how you make me feel when you give it to me from behind.

· I can never get enough of you.

· Do you have the slightest idea how much you turn me on? The smell of your body alone makes me tremble.

· I can’t stop thinking about last nights’ sex, the way you tasted not to mention the way you made me feel.


· If you were here with me (mention what it is you would do with him if he was there with you. Don’t forget to keep dirty).

· When you get home tonight (explicitly let him know what you want him to do to your body).

· Hun, try not to think (mention something you know turns him sexually on).

· Can you guess the color of the underwear I am wearing?

· I am watching pornography.

· Guess what? I sent you that text while peeing.

· I am trying to sleep but the thought of your in between my legs won’t let it happen.

· I am under the cover of my blankets but this cold is too much, come to hold me tight.

· I had a naughty dream last night and you were right in it. Do you want to know what you were doing to me?

· I am lying in bed and very bored. Would you mind if we played a naughty game?

· What would you want me to do to you after we are done with the dinner date tomorrow?

· Can I get sex toys online?

· My hands would be very busy if you were next to me right now.

· I bought new underwear; I know you will love it. When do you want me to show it to you?

· I love your broad chest.

· I like the way you embrace with those powerful arms.

· Your six packs turn me on.

· Did I tell you that I find your eyes very sexy?

· There is something about your face that I find very sexy; is it that sexy pair of dimples or the sideburns?

“You see? Tell me which man won’t be fascinated by these dirty text messages?”


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